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Languages in Corporate Quality

The LINCQ project will seek to promote and disseminate plurilingualism as a key aspect of corporate culture among all stakeholders in the broad business community. The intention is not, however, to view linguistic expertise merely as a means to satisfy economic objectives, but rather to foster competence in languages and their associated cultures as constituent aspects of organisational quality.

As many enterprises continue to have limited knowledge and understanding of current approaches to language teaching/learning and the means of assessing and presenting language skills, the project will concentrate first on developing targeted tools and resources to support, among others, private and public sector employers, corporate training departments, recruitment professionals, employer and employee representatives in the evaluation and recognition of language qualifications, informal linguistic experience, personal language portfolios, self assessment grids, etc.

Subsequently, and with the feedback from the first phase, the project team will prepare guidelines for and examples of effective corporate language policies and the criteria on which such policies should be based. Ultimately, the objective will be to encourage organisations to advertise their plurilingualism as a significant element of their quality framework. To this end, efforts will be made to involve quality certification organisations in the project activities.

For up-to-date information, please visit the project website.