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Multilingual Communication (Project)

Multicom was a joint cooperation project between five European universities. Building on work undertaken in three successive Thematic Network Projects devoted to enhancing the relevance of Higher Education language programmes, the Multicom project aimed to develop and implement new curricula in the area of multilingual communication for first cycle language students.

The programmes were designed to help graduates in the arts and humanities sector across Europe broaden their career prospects and access a wider range of Master’s Degree programmes. The aim was to produce the next generation of highly-skilled multilingual experts needed to operate effectively at the European and international level as both mediators and organisers in industry, local and regional government, NGOs and other international organisations.

Professionally-oriented multilingual communication competences and intercultural competence involve the ability to produce, organise and disseminate information in three or more languages, using different media and to adapt content to readers and audiences from different backgrounds in different countries. It also involves mediation skills, i.e. the ability to organise multilingual meetings and effectively and rapidly produce minutes and conclusions in one or several languages, to draft summaries and synopses of multilingual documents, to assess translation or localisation needs for multilingual documentation and to interface with external language service industries on behalf of organisations.es

On the basis of updated needs analyses and constant dialogue and feedback from practising professionals in the areas concerned, learning outcomes for multilingual professional communication competences were defined and a curriculum framework was developed for the implementation of new first cycle language programmes. Learning materials were developed in English and in the five other languages of the consortium (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian), and were made available via an online resource platform.

The partner institutions implemented new courses based on the curriculum framework according to their own timeline and within their specific insitutional and regulatory context. A joint European degree was also suggested by the partner universities and by other interested other partners as a follow-on to the Multicom project