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European Network for the promotion of Language learning among all Undergraduates


ENLU was the first major project contracted by the CEL/ELC and was coordinated by the Freie Universität Berlin. It was one of the seven projects selected in the frame of the European Commission's Call for proposals EAC/45/03, issued in preparation of the Commission's Action Plan Promoting Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity (2004-2006).

ENLU was driven by the vision that all graduates in Europe should:

  • be able to communicate in at least two languages other than their mother tongue;
  • know how to learn new languages effectively;
  • have the confidence to learn a new language when the need or opportunity arises;
  • have first-hand experience in working and learning in other countries and in collaborating with other countries; and
  • be familiar with other cultures and intercultural skills.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the two-year project was the creation of a European network of higher education institutions and other stakeholder organisations designed to achieve a breakthrough in the area of "languages for all". ENLU represents the CEL/ELC's response to the linguistic and cultural challenges posed by the creation of the European higher education and research areas, and by the Lisbon Strategy.


The closing conference of the ENLU project was held in the presence of Commissioner Ján Figel in Nancy on 7-8 April 2006.

The reports of the various Nancy workshops can be found in the left-hand margin. All other documents are available on the project website under "documents" or in our archive.