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Save the date! CEL/ELC 15th General Assembly

28-29th November 2013 - General Assembly and workshop

News from Jul 23, 2013

The summer holidays have commenced for many, but for those of you still online, please take note of the following CEL/ELC general meeting:

28-29th November 2013 – Workshop and General Assembly at Freie Universität Berlin

On the 29th, we will hold the 15th General Assembly of the CEL/ELC, at which elections to the Board will take place. Both Wolfgang and Anne-Claude are going to step down this year from their positions as President and Vice President, respectively. This means that a generation change will need to take place, as well as an important talk about the future and direction of the CEL/ELC. *Please be reminded that 30 active members must be present at the General Assembly for any decisions made at this meeting to be deemed valid.

On the 28th and 29th, the CEL/ELC will host three workshop-style content sessions, which will identify pressing issues for reflection:

  • Session one: brainstorming on the future of the CEL/ELC
  • Session two: internationalization – quality – multilingualism
  • Session three: language degrees and higher education language teaching and learning / assessment

We will send out an official invitation, as well as protocol regarding standing for election to the Board, after the summer holiday. Please save the date and plan to attend this very important meeting of the CEL/ELC constituency.

With that, we at the permanent secretariat would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday this year!

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