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Elections to the Board - 17th General Assembly

News from Oct 14, 2015

One of the agenda items of the 17th General Assembly will be "Elections to the Board". At present, our Board has sixteen members, fifteen of them representing HEls, and one an international association. Our statuts regulate that the Board may have a maximum of seventeen members - i.e. representatives of active members - and that two to sixteen members may be representatives of HEls, and one to two members’ representatives of (a) specialist association(s) and/or of (a) company / companies.

This year, the mandates of five Board members (of HEI representatives) are going to expire. This means that a maximum of six members could be (re-)elected. Member representatives who wish to stand as candidates in the 2015 elections to the Board are requested to fill out the “Declaration of candidacy” form and return it to the CEL/ELC Secretariat (secretariat-elc@sprachenzentrum.fu-berlin.de) by Friday 6 November 2015 at the latest (preferably as an email attachment).

Statements of candidature will be published on the CEL/ELC website.

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