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With its headquarters at the Universidade do Algarve, Faro (PT), the CEL/ELC has launched a number of initiatives to keep its members informed of ongoing activities, and to keep members of the public, organisations, and policymakers abreast of language-related policy developments.

The biennial Fora have been great successes, covering a wide range of issues, and providing opportunities for member representatives to network both among themselves and with the Board. The CEL/ELC intends to continue hosting a larger Forum every two years, and host smaller, regional events in the intervening years to maintain a dialogue with its members and keep up with the fast-paced changes in the European language context.

The European Journal of Language Policy/Revue européenne de politique linguistique has been released biannually since 2009, drawing in submissions from all over the world with a focus on European developments. The most recent issue discusses national policy development in Ireland, language planning in Switzerland, and teacher education in Greece, among other subjects.

When issues of fundamental importance are identified, the Board convenes Special Interest Groups or Working Groups to bring together committed member representatives to analyse the data, discuss possible avenues forward, and submit recommendations for policymakers or experts in the field. Recent Working Groups included the Special Interest Group on "Languages and intercultural careers", the Special Interest Group on "Validation, recognition (and evaluation) of informal and non-formal language learning", the Special Interest Group on "Multilingualism and multiculturalism" and the Special Interest Group on "Developing different models for language policies in Higher Education". Current topics to be investigated by dedicated Working Groups are “Langues et sciences”, “Languages and Education”, “Languages and Rights”.

Please follow the links to read more about each of these initiatives: