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SIG 2: Validation, recognition (and evaluation) of informal and non-formal language learning

Following initial discussions and feedback, members of the SIG2 group have organised online meetings for the last week of June/first week of July to discuss the following main questions:

  • Identification of new tools and methodologies to facilitate and improve the recording and validation of the results of informal and non-formal learning. This might start with the various excellent examples of portfolio systems and consider what further developments could be made or what additional approaches might be feasible;
  • Further investigation of the processes involved in learning that occurs outside formal education systems, possibly also examining how these processes can be linked to teaching practice and better matched to assessment systems.

On the basis of these exchanges, the group will decide specific areas to address in a face-to-face meeting planned for September/October. This meeting will also serve to establish the format and content of the contributions to be presented by the group to the General Assembly in November.

Currently, a dozen colleagues from various teaching and geographic contexts are involved in the group, but any other ELC members who are interested in the broad range of issues within the area of informal and non-formal language learning would be very welcome.

Prof. Michael J. Hammersley (Università di Bologna): michael.hammersley@unibo.it