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European Journal of Language Policy

European Journal of Language Policy

The European Journal of Language Policy/Revue européenne de politique linguistique is a peer-reviewed journal first published by Liverpool University Press in 2009, in association with the Conseil européen pour les langues/European Language Council.

The journal aims to address major developments in language policy from a European perspective, regarding multilingualism and the diversity of languages as valuable assets in the culture, politics and economics of twenty-first century societies. The journal’s primary focus is on Europe, broadly understood, but it is alert to policy developments in the wider world.

The journal invites proposals or manuscripts of articles studying any aspect of language policy, and any aspect of the area of languages for which policies may need to be developed or changed. It particularly welcomes proposals that provide greater understanding of the factors which contribute to policy-making, and proposals that examine the effects of particular policies on language learning or language use.

The journal presents relevant policy documents and reports, particularly where these contribute to debates and decision-making on language policy in Europe and elsewhere. It invites suggestions for such documents.

Articles and other items will be accepted in either English or French. Abstracts of articles will be provided in both languages. Materials may be derived from or refer to texts in other languages, and a website associated with the journal will provide access to texts and materials in a wide range of languages.

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