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General Assembly

The General Assembly of the CEL/ELC meets on an annual basis. This is an opportunity to network with other colleagues from around Europe, to liaise with the Board, and to weigh in on decisions that affect the quotidien running of the association, as well as the future activities undertaken by the CEL/ELC. All active fee-paying representatives of Member associations have voting rights, and honorary and associate members are welcome to participate in an advisory capacity.

There must be a minimum of 30 members present for a quorum; members can also take part by proxy, and can request a representative from the permanent secretariat.

The most recent General Assembly was held in Brussels on 30 November 2012. Three new, and one returning, members of the Board were elected, the budget reviewed, and the goals for the transition of the CEL/ELC to a new generation of leaders in the field outlined.

The next General Assembly will be held in Berlin on 28-29 November 2013 and will include an event, in addition to a long General Assembly, to help members reflect and contribute to the upcoming generation change within the CEL/ELC managing offices.