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The CEL/ELC intends to continue hosting a larger Forum every two years, and host smaller, regional events (conferences) in the intervening years to maintain a dialogue with its members and keep up with the fast-paced changes in the European language context.

In November, 28th- 29th November 2019, the next CEL/ELC Conference with be hold in Brussels, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, U-Residence. Please find here the Preliminary Programm.

CEL/ELC participated to the 4th MIME Stakeholder Forum Meeting; 19 June 2018 - Brussels, Belgium

The CEL/ELC Conference "Languages and the Internationalisation of Higher Education/Les langues et l’internationalisation de l’enseignement supérieur" was held in Brussels on 30 November - 1 December 2017.

The II International Congress on Interdisciplinarity in Social and Human Sciences was hold at Universidade do Algarve 11 and 12 May 2017

The CEL/ELC conference devoted to "Engaging Languages. Sciences, Cultures, Societies" was held at Freie Universität Berlin on 26-27 November 2015.