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Pooling Academic Excellence with Entrepreneurship for New Partnerships

Jan 16, 2014 - Jan 17, 2014

CIUTI will be hosting a Forum in early 2014 at the United Nations in Geneva.

The subject of the Forum is "Pooling Academic Excellence with Entrepreneurship for New Partnerships" and will bring together stakeholders from across Europe to participate. It will consist of the following sessions:

  • New Approaches to Demanding Issues
  • Responsibilities of International Bodies and Institutions: Do incentives really lead to innovations?
  • New sustainable strategies in university-industry-government relationships: less state, more entrepreneurship?
  • Geopolitical chagnes make adaptations necessary
  • Specific needs for global responses in translational partnerships
  • Research and innovation need courageous drivers

Entry is free, though registration is mandatory. More information can be found at www.unige.ch/formcont/ciuti2014